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August 7, 2013

Cal. Apart. Claim Assoc. South Coast Golf Tourn.

Cal. Apart. Claim Assoc. South Coast Golf Tournament

Sept. 19, 2013

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August 7, 2013

Southern Cali. Claims Assoc. Golf Tourn.

Sept. 19, 2013

Southern Cali. Claims Assoc. Golf Tournament
Sept. 19, 2013

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July 22, 2013

Oakwood Selected as MPR Oversight Committee Top Shop

Oakwood has been selected by MPR Oversight Committee as a Top Shop based on the Exceptional performance in 4 out of 6 categories. The results are based on vendor scorecard performance and feedback received from our members and staff in the following categories:

  • Overall Sat = 83.3% (Exceptional)
  • Contractor Courtesy = 86.7% (Expected)
  • Quality of Workmanship = 88.9% (1% shy of 89.9% Exceptional)
  • Completed When Promised = 86.7% (Exceptional)
  • Leakage = 1.2% (Exceptional)
  • Cycle Time = 10.3 (Expected )

As thanks for the outstanding performance Oakwood is proud to receive Top Shop Recognition in Claims Portal and XactAnalysis.

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January 8, 2013

Oakwood Construction Fire Damage Restoration Specialists

Few things are as terrifying as a house fire and the resulting fire damage. Not only are your most precious possessions in danger, but your very life and that of your loved ones can be at risk. Even the effect of a smaller house fire can be devastating, as your family suddenly may have to find temporary lodging, protect the house from the elements and vandals, rescue possessions, and then finally see about having the damage repaired. Many big decisions will have to be made quickly, often at a time of profound emotional shock when it’s hard to think clearly.

If you’ve just had the unfortunate experience of a house fire in California, at this point you want to know how best to deal with the fire damage. While the exact way to tackle the problem will vary, depending on the type and extent of the damage, there is one thing that doesn’t change. One of the first things you should do is call both your insurance company and a fire damage restoration specialist.

An Oakwood Team fire specialist will first take care of emergency repairs and precautions. If the fire was relatively minor, he will cover holes in roofs, board up wall openings, and pick up carpets so that soot won’t be ground further into them. He can quickly arrange for moving out possessions if necessary – for their protection, cleaning and restoration, and to facilitate structural repairs to the home.

A qualified fire restoration specialist will then turn his attention to assessing the structural damage to the home. After a careful inspection, he will come up with an estimate of the cost of a full restoration.

Though your insurance adjuster will be doing the same thing at this time, you should have a qualified specialist do it in parallel. It’s often hard to determine the full extent of fire damage until the repairs actually have commenced, and a second opinion will help protect you from an insufficient settlement. Sometimes damages prove to be worse than originally thought, and having a second estimate performed immediately after the fire can lay a basis for justifying extra costs.

Because of his depth of experience in fire restorations, the restoration specialist will know how to coordinate your job to get it done as quickly and expertly as possible. If structural damage is major, he will bring in an engineer to detail repairs and draw up necessary plans for a Building Department work permit. He can bring in electricians, plumbers and painters as needed. And if any belongings require more than cleaning, he can arrange the contents division to restore furniture and special possessions such as artwork and books.

If the damage inspection determines that your house is unable to be repaired and must be demolished, your restoration specialist can take care of that sad task as well. But on a happier note, homeowners sometimes actually take advantage of fire damage and have major remodeling done. Since you need to rebuild part of your home anyway, this could be an ideal time for a long-desired addition, kitchen makeover or other project. Why not rebuild the way you really want? Your restoration specialist will be flexible enough to help you do just that. Recovering from a house fire is a major endeavor. It will take time, effort, and many decisions before your house is the way it once was again, or better. You owe it to yourself to have an experienced damage repair professional working for you during this difficult time.

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June 21, 2012

Oakwood branch receives outstanding performance award.

Industry leader in disaster recovery services, InStar Services Group ( is proud to announce that its Oakwood Construction & Restoration Services branch ( in Anaheim, Calif. was recognized as an outstanding performer by the Automobile Club of Southern California.

Oakwood/InStar has been a preferred vendor of the Automobile Club of Southern California’s Immediate Repair Program for the past 13 years. It was selected as the outstanding performer of 2011 from a pool of more than 60 vendors based on a customer survey sponsored by the Automobile Club of Sothern California.
The survey asks homeowners to review their contractor’s work in the areas of customer service, quality of workmanship, speed, estimating accuracy and overall cost.
“This award is a real testament to the fact that we are a customer service driven company,” said Oakwood President and Owner, Todd Benson. “Customer service will remain our No. 1 focus, and that’s what differentiates Oakwood/InStar from other disaster recovery services.”
Oakwood/InStar completed an overhaul of its customer service practices in 2011.

“We hold ourselves to a much higher standard than the average insurance company, and want to give our members a choice of best services available,” said Automobile Club of Southern California Group Manager David Womble. “Oakwood/InStar has consistently proven to be the best of the best in service”
Oakwood/InStar received the honor at the Automobile Club of Southern California’s Awards Luncheon, hosted on April 26 at Fontana Speedway.

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