Contents Pack Out & Pack In

Contents Pack Out | Content StorageThe Pack Out process is the first step in restoring your items to their best possible condition and must be done immediately after water or fire damage has occurred. Properly packing and relocating your assets to a temporary, secure facility protects them from theft, vandalism or further damage. After the Pack Out is complete the Oakwood Restoration crew can then move freely throughout the facility in need of repair. Oakwood Restoration observes professional level packing and moving practices and standards when handling your valuables.


Project Manager ConsultationThe reconstruction process will vary depending from job to job and what type of loss occurred. Regardless of job size, we always assign a project manager and superintendent to oversee each reconstruction job from start to finish.

Total Loss Inventory

Contents Inventory Storage & TrackingThe Oakwood Contents Team acts quickly when disaster strikes, or an emergency situation puts your personal effects in harms way. You can be confident your personal items are in safe hands and getting the attention they deserve. The Contents Department immediately deploys a team of professionals to begin a thorough inventory that follows all industry protocols and standards.

Our team is superbly trained on the latest mobile technology to bar-code and scan all individual items with real time tracking and a definitive chain of custody. The automated data capabilities allow for complete accuracy in regards to reporting the items location, pre-existing condition and treatment.

For the comfort and security of the home or business owner we print a complete content inventory on site before removing any contents from the location.

Safe and Secure Storage

Secure Contents Storage And TrackingDuring restoration, the Oakwood team will take care of all of your belongings that need to be stored until our work is finished. We assist in the total removal of personal contents salvaged from the home, to our safe and secure off site warehouse. During storage, our Certified Technicians clean and deodorize your possessions, restoring them to pre-damage condition. We then pack your items into large, secured, and insured storage vaults until they are returned to the original site.

Contents Cleaning

Contents Cleaning | Content Restoration | Content RepairContent Cleaning services are a great option over purchasing new items in order to replace severely charred household items. With content cleaning, you won’t need to worry about replacing your damaged items. We can instead restore your household to it’s previously loved condition.

Our Content Cleaning Specialists have studied how well certain chemicals react to certain materials, and how these chemicals can remove smoke and odor more effectively than others. In order to best achieve cleaning up of household contents, many fire damage restoration companies bring an in-house chemist to the site. The role of the chemist is to prepare chemical cleaning solution for specific type of damaged materials. Using the right kind of chemical is important in the process because some materials are considered high risk. If you use the wrong chemical solution on these materials, you may end up damaging them even more. Materials considered high risk include chrome, tile, marble, aluminum, brass, and porcelain.

Ultrasonic cleaning is the complete removal of contaminants from delicate objects through ultrasound, and the object’s immersion of an appropriate cleaning agent during the process. This is accomplished by the generation of high frequency electrical energy, which is converted by a transducer into high frequency sound waves known as ultrasonic energy. This ultrasonic energy, when combined with a special cleaning agent, creates a “scrubbing brush” effect that enables us to safely clean those delicate objects.

Content cleaning services are normally part of the services necessary from A Fire Damage Restoration Team. This team includes several repair and cleaning specialists, such as carpenters, craftsmen, content cleaners and restoration specialists. The aim of our Fire Damage Restoration Team is to help bring the lives of fire disaster victims back to normal as quickly and professionally as possible.

Personal Property

Contents Indexing | Contents TrackingThere is never a moment when your Personal Property is left unsupervised. From the minute you hand over your items, we work within the supervision of an on-site liaison from your insurance company to ensure proper chain of custody. The chain of custody requires that every transfer of evidence from person to person shall be documented and provable that nobody else could have accessed that evidence.